It's wrapped and Cosmocare’s Annual Octoberfest event was held last October 23 & 24, 2018, with various salon owners and hairdressers guest in attendance. The two-day event's theme is "Connect. Master. Level Up". The event was divided into 3 tracks which have been a pivotal factor to all of  the attendees for them to maximizing the power of technology and exploring the digital space that they can use for the future of their respective businesses. The attendees listened to the designated resource speakers dedicated to their respective tracks.



In the Connect Track, Mr. Kenneth Sytian the CEO of Sythian IT solutions introduced the power of digital marketing in this modern world. He explained why digital marketing is the future of business because of its unlimited potentials and possibilities for reaching new heights of marketing. Utilizing Facebook as the social media platform Mr. Sytian also demonstrated how you can create graphics and videos by using free applications which are Canva and Typito.


On its second part of the connect track, Mr. Sytian also introduced Zensoft Software. Zensoft software is an all-in-one Cloud-based Salon management system that entails all the basic operations of the salon but digitalized. From catering customers, payments, and etc. this software can do all of it automatically that can reduce operation errors, speeding up the process and at the same time achieving accurate results. Zensoft is a 100% Filipino made and it is tailored fit on the market of salon business here in the Philippines. 



In the Master track, Bro. Romy Cruz talked about mastering your finances. Shared and inspired everyone with his talk about on having Winning Wallet(Wallet na Panalo). Bro. Cruz explained to the attendees how can they master their finances by giving them the financial abundance mindset that gave a whole new perspective of what are the bad and good habits, and also of how they use and see the money.



In the Level Up track, Mrs. Dhel Salvacion introduced a new hair treatment procedure called "Power Duo". On the process of this track, she hand-picked a volunteer for the showcase of the new hair treatment procedure. Mrs. Salvacion explained the whole process and showcase its wonderful results to all of the attendees.




It is also a tradition of Cosmocare to hold a big sale during the event, guests were able to take advantage of the big discounts on Icure and Natural products. Plus, all purchases made during the event had a corresponding raffle ticket for the raffle draw, which was held last October 29, 2018.


 As of the tradition go the Cosmocare will host another Octoberfest in 2019. Here is the AVP of the two-day event. Watch out for more details and we hope to see you in the next one!


The Annual Octoberfest is an event open to all salon clients of Cosmocare Int’l Inc. For those who are interested to join the 2019 Octoberfest, you may get in touch with your assigned Sales Agent or call our Sales Department at 570-3400 local 102.

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